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  • Stalls
    All stalls are a very large 12'x18' and fully matted. Ample shavings cover half of the stall so the hay does not get mixed in with the shavings. Some of the stalls have attached 12x24 runs which are partially matted as well. Rates vary from $475 for pasture only, $700/$750 for stalls and $800 for stalls with large private paddocks. Other configurations are available. Board includes feed, shavings, cleaning, all day pasture turn out, body checks, applying & removing flymasks & blankets, and feeding owner provided supplements.
  • Forage & Feed
    All horses go out on green, irrigated pastures all day in compatible groups. We feed mainly Orchard grass but customize the diet according to the horse's individual needs with other forage when necessary. All hay is tested, fed up to 5 times/day depending on the horse's condition, work load, time of year and turnout. The pastures are a combination of orchard grass, rye, timothy, clover and native grasses. We also feed any owner provided supplements free of charge with the exception of horses in pasture full time. For a customized diet, we work with an Equine Nutritionist.
  • Arenas
    Both the large round pen and the main arena have all-weather, shredded rubber & sand footing for all year riding. While it is not sutible for some disiplines such as cutting, it provides support and cushion for the equine athlete.
  • Other Amenities
    Below are a few of the other amenities we offer: • Warm and cold wash stall • Locker boxes for tack and supplies • Application and removal of blankets, rainsheets, flymasks • Trailer parking • Picnic area • Trail access
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