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Following the Passion

Having been involved with horses and cattle ranching in younger years, Tricia returned to her passion after a horseback trek in Ireland with friends. Upon returning, she purchased Andy - a Morgan gelding, and searched for a new home for her family & horse.

The dream came true in 2006 with the purchase of Green Vista Stables, a little slice of paradise in the heart of the Sonoma County wine county.  She began to restore it's former glory and add present day improvements.

Tricia's focus for this boarding & training facility is to provide a relaxing, safe and happy environment for both horses & riders thru nutrition management, education and training.

As stewards of the land, our pastures are organic, we clean up & do not spread manure to minimize parasites, utilize recycled water for irrigation, recharging the ground water vs pumping from wells.

With the help of her partner Tom and brother Stephen (the freehands as they call themselves), Green Vista Stables has become a sought out oasis.

Tricia & Andy
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Beginning with the Californios vaqueros, horse racing and breeding in the 1800s up to the late 1900s, Sonoma County was the epicenter of breeding and showing on the West Coast.

The stables started out as part of the old Greenvue estates and was a plum orchard.  In 1980, Larry Schmir purchased the property, built the barns and house for his private residence.  The beautiful clear heart redwood for the barns came from a dismantled hanger in Moffett Field, which creates a warm, cozy feeling.

1982 sulky racing

Part of the 24 acres was a race track for training Standardbreds, which Larry bred, for sulky racing. Over time it evolved into a boarding and training facility called Flying Horse as his daughter Laura began training for the Olympics. Larry, resident trainer Vicki Kelley Wallis, Joan Rawson and a few others started Dressage In The Wine Country in 1982. Several renowned trainers came to Flying Horse including Klaus Balkenhol,

Rudi Rostek SRS

Larry sold the property to Joanie Wilson in 1991, who renamed it Green Vista Stables. She later sold it to Tricia Henry, the current owner in 2006, who carried on the tradition of classical dressage and horsemanship. Tricia had the honor of hosting Melissa Simms, protege of Egon von Neindorff, and Rudi Rostek of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna for an educational series with the masters.

Melissa Simms


Our priority is the health of the horse but we also want to create an environment for horse owners to come relax and enjoy a break from the pressures of the world. Barn members are respective and supportive of each other which enhances the experience of horsemanship.


Although we are a multi-discipline equestrian center, we feel classical dressage is the basis of all training. Our philosophy is that training should be healthy, safe and enjoyable for both horse & rider. Like the 'slow food' movement, the process of training should not be rushed and every little step should be savored.

We welcome outside trainers upon approval

and proof of insurance.

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